Response Time Monitoring

Tests how fast your home page responds. If your website is responding or loading slowly, you could be losing visitors because they are frustrated with waiting for your page to download. High-speed internet access has allowed us to use larger file sizes, but there are still folks that have slow connections, even dialup. It’s best to try and keep your load time as low as possible to get people into your site and browsing around quickly.


  • Ensure your site loads quickly
  • Know about load-time problems that will cost you visitors
  • Get notified if your website responds slowly
  • Tests every 5 minutes from one of several locations

How it works: Our servers will test theresponse time of your home page every 5 minutes. The crawler will connect to your web site and measure how fast it starts sending the page to a web browser. The number reported is an average response time by day, balanced by multiple checks from multiple servers. This will give you a very accurate average of the time it takes for your visitors to start seeing your web page.

From the Website Monitoring Report, the average response time for the day displayed at the top.

Uptime Email Report


Click on View History, and up pops your average daily response times for the last 30 days. Clicking on Print or Email gives you a handy way to share the report with your webmaster.

Uptime Email Report


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