Website Error Checking

The website error checking report tests your website weekly for common errors. Bad links or mis-configured pages will turn away website visitors and can negatively impact your search engine rankings. Making sure your site working properly and is free of dead links and errors, you making sure your site is in perfect working order.


  • Checks your website for errors weekly
  • Notifies you of any common errors
  • Print or email error reports in seconds

How it works: Our website error checker will crawl your website once per week, following any links that are found, up to 50 pages. If any common errors are found (404, 500, etc.), the error checker will send a notification with the error and the page involved so you can take care of the problem.

From the website monitoring report, the number of errors found in the last week are displayed at the top.

Website Error Checking Report


Clicking on View History gives you a detailed list of the website errors found that week, along with the date, time, URL the error was found on and the error code. Clicking on Print or Email gives you a handy way to share the error report with your webmaster.

Website Error Checking Report


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