Câu hỏi thường gặp

Q: After the Beta, how much will it cost?

A: Free! We do have plans for upgrades, which may include more features for power users. We haven’t decided on the final cost for upgraded accounts, but there will be a monthly and annual subcription available. There will likely be more that one subscription level as well.

Q. How long will the Beta period last?

A: Until we determine that any major bugs have been fixed, and any needed functionality has been added. Subscribe to our blog or twitter to keep updated!

Q: How many domains can I track?

A: For the Beta test we will select some multi-domain users so we can appropriately test the system, however most accounts will be for one domain. After the beta, you will be able to select upgrade to a multi-domain account.

Q: How many keywords can I track?

A: During the Beta, you can track up to 10 keyword phrases.

Q: How many competitors can I track?

A: You can track up to 4 competitors.

Q: What’s the difference between your uptime monitoring and other services?

A: Our uptime monitoring specifically checks that your website is responding. Some other services rely on “ping” requests, which only check that your server is responding, but your website can still be down. Our service makes sure a web page is loading and monitors how fast it loads, as well as if it is free of common error messages.

Q: How often does your report update?

A: Uptime and response time is checked every 5 minutes. Error checking, keyword rankings, and popularity are checked once per week. Your report will show when the last check was done and when the next will occur. You will receive your report in email each week.